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Bazaar trailing whitespace killer plugin

The only thing this plugin does is checks all files you're committing and unconditionally kills trailing whitespaces from them. Additionally file ending is normalized - all empty lines at the end of file being committed are stripped and one is added (final newline is common and is expected usually).

You can install it system-wide:

pip install bzr-killtrailing

But please don't try to uninstall it with pip, because bzrlib is not declared as a namespace by Bazaar, which means that pip will want to remove whole bzrlib (read: bazaar itself).

Alternatively, you can install it in your home directory:

mkdir -p ~/.bazaar/plugins/
cd !$
rm -rf killtrailing # clean up if you've had it before
curl | tar xf -
mv bzr-killtrailing-* killtrailing

Or, alternatively, if you have Mercurial installed, you could do that:

mkdir -p ~/.bazaar/plugins/
cd !$
hg clone killtraling

You can check if a plugin is installed and ready to work by issuing this command:

bzr plugins | grep killtrailing

That's it! Enjoy. :)

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